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    Farm Fact #1

    Energy Output

    The South Branch Wind Farm has a total installed capacity of 30 megawatts (MW) — enough to power approximately 8,500 average Ontario homes with clean energy.

    Enough to power approximately

    8,500 Homes

    Farm Fact #2

    Benefits to the Community

    South Branch Wind Farm provides significant economic benefits to the community in the form of payments to landowners, local spending, municipal taxes, and an annual $30,000 community benefits investment. The wind farm helps provide energy security to Ontario by diversifying the electricity generation portfolio, protecting against volatile natural gas.

    Farm Fact #3

    Benefits to the Environment

    South Branch Wind Farm helps prevent carbon pollution, a major contributor to climate change; sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides which cause smog, acid rain, and respiratory illness; and mercury pollution, a neurotoxin that is harmful to people and wildlife. The annual environmental benefits are equivalent to taking 13,500 cars off the road.

    Cars pulled off the road

    Farm Fact #4


    A small group of landowners participate in the project under long-term lease and easement agreements that cover turbines, access roads, and transmission corridors.

    Farm Fact #5


    Modern wind turbine generators are robust, sophisticated, high-tech machines designed to capture the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it into electricity. Wind turbines consist of three main parts: the tower, the blade and the nacelle. Most of the action takes place inside the nacelle, where motion is turned into electricity. The blades are attached to a direct-drive shaft that uses large, rare-earth magnets to generate electricity.

    The South Branch Wind Farm is the first of its kind to install the Siemens SWT-3.0 – 113 direct-drive turbine. At 99.5 meters to the hub height and 3 MW, they are the largest turbines currently installed in Ontario in terms of height and capacity.

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